Official Address of MN Ambassador in AU


From: Embassy Mongolia <>

ESYa-ny shine hayag
29 Cobbadah street, O’Malley
ACT 2606, Canberra
utas 02- 62862947
02- 62861461

Alban bus ex survaljaas Mongol Ulsaas Australia ulsad suux Elchin said Ts.Jambaldorj Ene doloo xonogyn neg dex odor Australia ulsyg zorison bgaa.


Australia-d suuh Mongol elchingiin hayagiin medeelel

Embassy of Mongolia, 100,
Northbourne Avenue Canberra,
ACT 2601 Ciifton Suites Appt-704
Tel: 02-6262 6266
Fax: 02-6203 8444

Zuvluh J.Sereejav – 0423 691 771

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