Immigration in Crisis


Rudd rolls up migrant welcome mat

October 10, 2008, 11:43 am

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has flagged a cut in immigration because of the global financial crisis, faltering economic growth and a rise in unemployment.

Mr Rudd said the current immigration rate was an increase on the previous year.

He said that increase was to meet employer demands for more skilled workers, particularly in mining and resource intensive Western Australia and Queensland.

“As with all previous governments, and mine’s the same, whenever we set immigration targets we will adjust them according to the economic circumstances of the day,” he told the Fairfax Radio Network in Melbourne.

The 2008-09 Migration Program is set at 190,300 places, representing a 19.8 per cent increase on the 2007-08 program. The figure includes 56,500 places for family migrants sponsored by people already in Australia and 133,500 places for those with special skills.

But that’s now been criticised as excessively large in a period of economic turmoil.

Mr Rudd said immigration was not one-size-fits-all across the country and the government would take advice on where skilled workers were needed.

Monash University researcher Andrew Markus has estimated that of the 21 million Australians, a quarter were born abroad – twice the proportion of the population in the United States and three times that of Britain.

Britain and New Zealand are still the largest source countries, but almost every country is represented.


4 Responses to “Immigration in Crisis”

  1. ee Says:

    Stop immigration???

  2. gegeen Says:

    No, cut means decreasing the number of the potential new migrants, NOT stopping.
    At least OZ is the top migrant’s destination and still continueing to get many migrants each year.

    OZ is the number one place by the percentage of it’s migrants.

  3. ogi Says:

    Tsagaachidiig huleen avahaa zogsooj baigaa yum bolov uu?

  4. gegeen Says:

    ugui ee, odoogoor end jild huuchnaasaa het ih olon buyu 193000 skilled migrant avch baigaa ni arai l ihdeed baina gej uzej baigaa baih. oird delhiin sanhuugiin hyamralaas bolood ali ch tom ulsuudad ajilguidel, hansh unalt zereg asuudluud nuurleed baigaa uchraas, shineer irsen tsagaach nariin niigmiin asuudliig yaj shiideh talaaraa sanaa zovsondoo l allowed migrant-n toog arai jaahan bagasgaad huuchin avdag baisan hemjeendee hurgej buuruulah tuhai l yarigdaad baigaa.

    Uul ni ene PM Kevin Rudd chini ooroo ingej olon migrant avna gej baij nodningiin 11 sard songuulid yalsan said baihgui yu. Odoo tegeed amlaltaa heregjuuleh geed migrantiin toog osgochihson chini Sanhuugiin yertonts hyamraad tolovlogoogui ur dagavaruud garaad jaahan tiimhen l yum bolchihloo. Gehdee ZG-n zugees yamar neg alham hiigeegui baigaa, ard tumnii sanal asuulga l harin migrantiig tsoolye geed baigaamaa

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