Australian Rich List


Kylie shares young rich list with the blokes

September 24, 2008, 8:34 pm

Kylie shares 'young rich' honours with the blokes ©

Kylie Minogue has added a place on the list of wealthiest young Australians to last month’s top individual rank among our richest entertainers.

The singer, whose personal wealth is $84 million, placed 23rd on a list dominated by men working in finance, retail and technology. Actress Cate Blanchett was 41st.

Mining investor and race horse owner Nathan Tinkler was named Australia’s richest person under 40, with a $441 million fortune made in just the last two years.

Second on the BRW Young Rich List was hedge fund manager Hilton Nathanson ($385m), while from the same industry in third spot were brothers Angus and Richard Grinham ($368m).

The total wealth of Australia’s wealthy young has surged by 25% to more than $6 billion, BRW found. The average young rich person on this year’s list was worth $72.7 million, compared with $60 million in 2007.

Last year’s number one, Shaun Bonett, dropped to sixth place with a $340 million fortune.

The youngest person named was Brisbane internet company owner and property developer Daniel Tzvetkoff, 24.

The list excludes people who inherited their wealth.


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