Free Student Accomodation

Doloo honogt 15 tsag huuhed haraad, orond ni ter ailaaraa bair, hooloo unegui daalgah tuhai English course-n oyutnuudad zoriulsan medeelel baina.

Au-Pair/Demi-pair programmes to international students


Au-pair / Demi-pair

Generally, the Demi-Pair programme is for a full time student and part time Au Pair. So in other words, the programme combines the study of your chosen subject with a real Australian cultural experience. You receive accommodation in a separate furnished room with all facilities and pocket money in exchange for working up to 15 hours per week in the home of an Australian family. Your duties would include childcare and light housework and all placements are monitored. With this type of accommodation you have the opportunity to improve your English language skills in a practical and safe working environment.

Whether you are a student seeking a work opportunity or an au pair seeking to enhance your educational background, this program is the perfect money saving solution.

Use the following Check List to find out if you are eligible for Demi Pair


  • You should have enrolled in an English language course for at least 10 weeks.
  • You should be 20 years or older and in good health.
    (Exceptions will be made for 18 and 19 year olds if the applicant holds a recognised nanny qualification)
  • You should be prepared to accept a Demi Pair Placement for a minimum of 3 months.
    (Maximum 1 year)
  • You should have a reasonable level of English, enough to communicate adequately with your host family. (Pre intermediate /TOEFL 400)
  • You should ideally have an International Driver’s Licence and be a competent driver.
  • You should obtain a police clearance from your own country (no more than 2 years old).


Au Pair/Demi Pair Programmes

An Au Pair/Demi Pair is a full time student and part time Au Pair.

If you are a full time student this is the perfect money saving solution. Be part of an Australian family, exchanging 15 hours of child-minding and housework for your accommodation and meals, experiencing the Aussie lifestyle. “Live the English Language” If you are on a working holiday visa you are also eligible to be an Au pair / Demi Pair. The minimum stay with a family is 3 months.

Language Links offers Au-Pair/Demi-pair programmes to international students. The programme placement is provided by “Perth Demi Pair”. The Au-Pair/Demi-Pair programmes give students the opportunity to practice their English language skills on a daily basis and experience a real Australian Lifestyle. While students are placed in an Au-Pair/Demi-Pair programme, they will be required to help the family with daily tasks.

These tasks may include: – Helping with the Children. – Preparing breakfast. – Preparing their school lunches. – Getting them ready for school. – Making children’s beds. – Helping prepare Dinner. – Setting and Clearing the table. – Cleaning and Helping wash the dishes. – Hanging out the washing. – Folding the washing. – Helping with the ironing – Helping with the Food shopping. – Helping with general tidying and cleaning. – Helping to vacuum the house.


The Au pair /  Demi Pair must book  4 weeks  homestay on arrival to  have the freedom to explore Perth , settle in to  their  new school and  adapt to the Australian culture and lifestyle before the commitment of being an Au Pair/ Demi Pair. Placement to a family can be any time in the 4 weeks depending on the availability of the family and the Au Pair/Demi Pair being ready to accept the role.

Packages can be arranged from  3 to 6 months or longer if available (Usually for the duration of the study period at the college). The hours expected to assist the family  is a minimum of 15hrs  per week , usually 5 days a week or working hours may be every day (including weekends) with shorter hours per day. Students applying should have some childcare experience. Please ask the college for full terms and conditions.

> Placement in suitable family

> All required insurances

> Transfer on arrival to Host family and return trip to the International Airport

> Full support for the Student for the length of the program

> All meals and treats are included with the accommodation


Program 1: 15 working hours per week; Accommodation with meals included; Additional working hours permitted for a small allowance

Program 2: Working holiday option: Morning class only and afternoons with a family; Short-term full-time study on arrival then placement as au pair with a family

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