Mongolian Yurt in Canberra


CORINBANK by Caitlin Croucher

Sourced from BMA, that excellent free local magazine on all the action in Canberra

The camping at Corinbank is free but the Yurt Hire sounds cooler. Yes, there are Mongolian yurts (just like a hotel room, only more like an igloo made from mud). These can be hired on the festival site. Apparently yurts are now quite a common festival thing.

Nic is a little worried about a nasty rumour that you won’t be able to get completely plastered and ask a girl back to your Mongolian yurt because this is an alcohol free event. “Not true,” he says. “There will definitely be alcohol. And lots of it! There’s also a strong perception that Corinbank is a camping-only festival, but you can always drive 20 minutes to get to Canberra’s southern suburbs if you prefer the comfort of sleeping in your home. Camping is free at Corinbank. You know, you can also buy a single day ticket and still have a really good time.”

Profits from Corinbank will go to environmental causes and back into funding this shindig for many years to come. “There are possibilities for expanding in the future. But we want to keep it intimate,” says Nic. “Basically, we’re getting everyone together to exchange their views on music, culture, art, whatever.” Corinbank eventually plans to put some of the festival profits towards giving Canberra bands a helping hand, including an atmospheric accessible recording space for unsigned artists.

But how does an environmentally friendly festival guarantee that it won’t leave its own kind of footprint? The organisers are doing the best that they can, using bio fuels, composting toilets, planting a tree for every ticket sold and allowing people to make a voluntary carbon offset contribution when buying tickets. “Everything is compromise. We use energy so that people can be aware of environmental issues. Protecting the environment is a part of our manifesto, but it’s not all the festival is about.” So what is it about then? I’m still not quite sure, but there’s a huge music line-up, a free 110m waterslide, and the possibility of making love in a Mongolian yurt.

Corinbank is held between Friday February 29 and Sunday March 2 in the Corin Forest Mountain Resort, ACT. The three-day extravaganza features arts, imersion and all sorts of good stuff, plus over 50 artists including Xavier Rudd, The Herd, Epicure, Kate Miller-Heidke, Koolism, DJ Perplex (06/07 DMC champ), The Bamboos, Darren Hanlon, Madviolet, Diafrix and many more. Second release tickets and day tickets are now available from Landspeed records or online at


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