AU Victoria’s Secret model

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr sets Orlando Bloom’s heart racing
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Miranda Kerr гэж хэн бэ? Энэ эмэгтэй бол Австралийн алдарт загвар өмсөгч бөгөөд Victoria’s Secret Angel-н нэг гэдгээрээ илүү танигдсан юм. Miranda Аustralia улсын Сидней хотод April 20, 1983-нд төрсөн. Ертөнцийн Хамгийн хүсэмжит 99 бүсгүйн 2008 оны шалгаруулалтанд 19 дүгээрт шалгарчээ. Түүний гоо сайхан төгс бүрдсэн гуалиг бие цогцос, хөөрхөн царайг хармаар байна уу. From:


Orlando Bloom and his new love, Victoria’s Secret lingerie model Miranda Kerr, made their first public appearance together in her native Australia over the weekend.

The pair arrived arm-in-arm for a day at the races in Sydney, where they drew more attention that then action on the track.

It was a case of mixing business with pleasure for Miranda, who was at the event as the face of Australian retailer David Jones.

Debut: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom made their first public appearance together at the races in Sydney over the weekend

Models Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale pose at Fashion Week
Source: Sergio Dionisio, Getty Images
Published: Monday, April 28, 2008 12:03 AEST

Models Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale pose before the Kirrily Johnston catwalk show on the first day of Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, April 28, 2008.

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Miranda Kerr’s the new face of David Jones

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

April 04, 2008 12:00am

SHE is dating one of the world’s hottest Hollywood stars, but Aussie model Miranda Kerr has a new man in her life: David Jones.

In a deal worth a rumoured six-figure sum, the Gunnedah girl-made-good has secretly signed on as an ambassador for the department store chain.

The 23-year-old’s youth and beauty, which has propelled her meteoric rise on the international fashion scene, is believed to have impressed DJ executives scouting for generational change.

The retailer’s long-time “face” Megan Gale was allowed a graceful exit from catwalk duties in February after Victoria’s Secret lingerie babe Kerr had negotiated the finer points of her contract in December while on holidays in NSW.

As rumours of the deal swept the fashion industry, DJs staffers offered only denials, desperate to keep the focus on Gale and details of the younger Kerr’s signing under wraps.

While Gale will continue an association with DJs, Kerr will be paraded more prominently as the new look for the department store.

The younger model is seen by industry experts as more of a match for Myer’s Jennifer Hawkins.

Kerr has already been introduced to customers, appearing alongside Gale in DJs’ recent catalogue.

Her deal will include appearing on the runway for the retailer, with an Australian Fashion Week appearance later this month considered likely.

But all eyes will also be on her entourage, with talk Kerr’s new boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom, could be by her side when she is on duty for DJs.

Doubling the celeb factor, that’s what you call a publicity gift with purchase.

Miranda Kerr


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