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Position: Web Developer

Position Overview
This position is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining Care’s web-based end user applications as well as the organizational Intranet site (SharePoint). The role will also provide expert advice to the business and provide high quality solutions to complex business requirements. The role will also provide backup support to other Information Technology staff with regards to technical support

Key Result Areas
1. Planning, Design and Programming of Online Applications
2. Teamwork
3. Internet/Intranet (SharePoint) Maintenance
4. Documentation
5. Research & Development
6. User Support
7. Customer Service
8. Quality Improvement
9. Workplace Health and Safety

Planning, Design and Programming of Online Applications
* Demonstrate extensive development knowledge supported by relevant graduate qualifications, professional qualifications and at least three years of development experience.
* Share knowledge and experience with the Development Team, IT and the business as a whole in order to provide a usable, valuable and reliable set of applications.
* Be an active team member in order to develop solutions for stakeholders. The development phase can include gathering initial user requirements, documentation, design and development, training the end user and supporting the application.
* Supervise Operations team members when working on any of our Development Team servers be they development, testing or production.
* Become Project Manager for the development of Care applications when required by the Project Sponsor or the Software Development Manager.
* Liaise with the Software Development Manager and relevant stakeholders to attain information about projects (and feedback on completed projects) and discuss any requirements they wish to be translated into user requirements.
* Develop innovative web based solutions to complex business requirements based on user specifications approved by the IT Steering Committee. Applications may include, but are not limited to office automation and information tools (i.e. workflow, forums, feedback/members areas etc).
* Liaise with the Database Administrator to ensure records can be stored, accessed and updated.
* Use problem solving skills to find effective solutions to problems that might arise from user requirements documents.
* Ensure that security is appropriate to user access requirements.
* Ensure stakeholder involvement at key steps in the application development process.
* Ensure signoff is obtained from the stakeholder.
* Ensure that all applications developed are consistent with Care’s web design standards.
* Respond to requests for maintenance or modification of online applications in a timely manner and in accordance with the IT service standards/service level agreements.
* Work using own initiative when managing software modifications and bugs.
* Guide external contractors who are working on Care’s applications ensuring that they follow agreed software specifications and/or project plans.
* Perform Business Analysis. Identify areas in organisation where there is potential opportunities to provide IT solutions to augment processes which can either improve efficiency and synergy or reduce costs.
* Development Cycle & Project Management Review. Enforce regular review of development and project management processes employed in development projects

* Contribute actively and constructively to IT, Development Team and Project meetings.
* Support and work coherently with other team members to get the job done effectively and quickly.
* Work under limited supervision using expertise and experience to develop high quality applications using Care processes.
* Keep other team members informed of activities through the course of the week to encourage transparency of work.
* Contribute to online discussions regarding development issues on the Dev Team Site.
* Contribute to the IT section of the Intranet Site
* Share Knowledge with other staff member and communicate new technologies to the business.
* Coordinate and manage project teams when managing specific IT projects.
* Provide detailed weekly work reports and timesheets to the Software Development manager.

Internet/Intranet (SharePoint) Maintenance
* Liaise with the Software Development Manager to identify and prioritise intranet/internet site modification and maintenance requirements.
* Add new users to security/member groups on SharePoint as requested by appropriate managers.
* Check the online Helpdesk on a daily basis and respond to allocated tasks in a timely manner.
* Ensure compliance with standard programming procedures, including but not limited to coding, comments and backups.
* Provide stakeholders with updates on progress of maintenance requests.
* Effect changes to Internet/SharePoint pages, including content or function changes in accordance with Care’s processes.
* Evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance/modifications or bug fixes.
* Be responsible of keeping regular backup of project files.

* Assist in developing and maintaining defined development processes and policies.
* Maintain and develop work instructions for every aspect of the Web Developer role.
* Maintain PCPs and Workflows to ensure that the development and modifications process runs smoothly and efficiently.
* Maintain and improve our staff and customer knowledge bases.

Research & Development
· Proactively undertake conferences, seminars, interaction with external consultants and training opportunities to keep up to date with emerging technologies and identify potential integration and benefits to organisation.
· Manage and maintain IT infrastructure to ensure quality build and test environments. This includes sourcing for any hardware or software that provides potential benefits to the development environment and process.
· Keep up to date with new developments in the software development field by participating in research oriented activities such as seminars, training classes, forums, knowledge bases, books and brain storming sessions with senior developers etc.

User Support
· Provide ongoing support to applications currently in use within the organisation.
· Respond to IT Helpdesk requests as assigned.
· Manage the SharePoint Helpdesk and delegate work where necessary.
· Provide training to users in relation to effective use of relevant Internet/SharePoint hosted applications.
· Participate in the IT “on call” roster as required.
· Communicate with application end-users using informative yet understandable terminology.

Customer Service
· Identify the needs of internal and external customers.
· Develop strategies to meet customer needs.
· Evaluate the delivery of customer service.
· Use customer feedback and service delivery evaluation to improve services delivered.

Quality improvement
* Perform work in accordance with organisational policy, process control plans and work instructions.
· Identify improvements to policy, process control plans, work instructions, or the work environment.
· Communicate improvement opportunities to the relevant process owner/ other responsible party.
· Conduct improvements to work processes in a manner that is consistent with the organisational policy, process control plans, or work instructions.
· Workplace Health and Safety
· Adhere to safe work practices at all times.
· Report incidents and hazards immediately using established procedures.
· Follow legislation and organisation policies and procedures in relation to workplace health and safety.

Other Duties
· Relieve for the Software Development Manager or Database Administrator as required;
· Participate in staff development and team meetings.
· Other activities as required by the Software Development Manager

Kindly let me have your feedback on the above position and send me your updated resume.

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