Mongolian Food in Sydney

Khuushuur, Fried Meat Pie

Many readers asked us for a simple recipe of truly Mongolian dish. Find out how to cook hushuur, fried meat pie, a belowed dish for any Mongol. [ full story ]

5 khuushuur for 10aud

Where to eat:

303 Pitt St,

Sydney NSW 2000

(map: Town Hall Station болон Sydney Tower-н хажууханд)

Нийтийн тээврийн хэрэгсэлээр аялах маршрут олох:


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Khushuur or Fried Meat Pie
Khushuur or fried meat pie is very popular in Mongolia and quite simple to cook as it requires only meat, flour, onion and meat.

Ingredients for four persons serving:

– 0.5 kg of tender mutton or beef
– 0.5 kg of flour
– 2-3 mid size onions
– salt, seasonings
1. Make soft dough, let it stay for while in closed jar or container.

2. Prepare minced meat. Mongols prefer to cut meat by hand believing that this method preserves meat’s taste and juice.

3. Cut onions into small pieces and add to minced meat. Add salt to your taste and 3- 4 soup spoons of cold water. Mix meat and onions well and add some garlic, pepper or minced carrots, cabbage or turnip to soften the taste.

4. Remember that dough should be elastic and not stick to hands. Make dough roll and then cut it into small pieces of about 50 gram each. The dough piece size depends on how big khushuur you want to cook.

5. Flatten each dough piece with wooden roll stick into thin, 2-3 mm deep round circle.

6. Put in some minced meat on half of the rolled dough and then fold it from two sides making a roughly hand size half moon shape.

7. Stitch tightly the sides. Just before sealing off the khushuur make sure to softly press it from two sides to press out excessive air or otherwise khushuur may blast during the frying.

8. Heat a frying pan and then fry khushuur from both sides until it acquires brown color.

Khushuur are served with salads, salted vegetables and/or soybean sauce. Instead of fork one can use own hands. But be careful while biting khushuur as hot juice may splitter.

Bon appetite! Or “Saikhan khol-loo-roi!” as Mongols say.


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