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Top 10 tips to improve your career success in 2008…

With the year drawing to a close it’s time to reflect on the past year and think about our new year resolutions.  One issue worth considering is… How can you increase your career success in 2008?  After all, if you don’t change, nothing will change. 

Here are ten habits you can develop which will improve your career success:

1. Have a career plan. View your job as a “business within a business”.  You need to plan and manage “your own business” for your personal success within your organisation.  Most importantly, document your plan.

2. The only dumb question is the question that isn’t asked.  Get in the habit that when you don’t know something, to ask someone who does know.

3. When you are struggling to solve a problem, talk it through with a colleague. Even if the colleague cannot solve your issue, often just explaining it will have the result of illuminating the solution.

4. Keep your skills current and be inquisitive. Change is happenning all the time. Observe improved work practices and implement them.

5. Walk and talk… reduce the number of emails you send out.  Email is a great way to record something that has happened. Email cannot replace conversation and face to face collaboration.

6. Give credit to your colleagues for their ideas.  It will encourage an enthusiastic, well motivated and problem-solving attitude in your team.

7. Recognise your shortcomings.  Compare your performance with colleagues on a regular basis to see how you can introduce strategies that have been successful for your team-mates.

8. Produce a weekly written report of your achievements so your manager is aware of your contribution.

9. Deliver results.  Never rest on your laurels.  Nobody is irreplaceable.

10. Help others generously without expectation of return.  Life is a cycle, what goes around comes around.  Help others and the rewards will follow. 

Do you agree with these points?  Why not make it a project to discuss the idea with your colleagues. What are the key habits that you believe will increase your career success?  Make up your own list and follow it to lift your career to the next level.  Keep it to 10 items and no more than one page.  Then pin it to the wall next to your desk and apply your own personal 10 tips to your career.

From all of us at Communicat Careers…. we wish you a wonderful holiday season and every success in the year ahead.


December Hotlist:
Check out the experienced and qualified personnel who are registered with us and available to build your business success.


This hotlist provides a brief selection from the high calibre of candidates seeking permanent roles.  We also have experienced candidates seeking temporary/contract assignments.  If you would like to discuss your requirement for accounting and administration staff, why not give us a call?


Candidate A – Senior Bookkeeper

Software Experience: MYOB

This candidate is currently working as an administration manager/bookkeeper for a government funded organisation. They are responsible for financial accounting including month-end reconciliations and processing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, office administration and working in close collaboration with the CEO. They also participate in the Finance Committee which compiles financial reports for presentation to the Board.

Salary expectation: $55K plus superannuation
Availability: Four weeks 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s Southside and CBD

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric

Candidate B – Accountant

Software Experience: MYOB, Sybiz, Attache, Arrow, Real World Accounting, Quattro Pro, Lotus 123, and Landmark

This candidate has wide experience in business management, import/export, financial accounting, administration and business development. In their most recent role they worked as an Accountant in the mining sector where their responsibilities included billing, purchasing, maintaining the asset register, balance sheet reconciliations, prepayment and accrual schedules, accounting for leases, payroll, cash flow management, financial and statutory reporting. They are seeking a management role where they can apply their skills and experience. 
Salary expectation: $60K plus superannuation 
Availability: Four weeks
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or Southside

Consultant to contact: Robyn Turner


Candidate C – Payroll Officer

Software Experience: SAP, Arrow, Payplus, CBA, Lendlease and Lotus Notes

This payroll officer has 25 years experience in payroll and human resources.  For the past three years they have undertaken several payroll contracting roles.  They are now seeking a permanent role. Their duties have included accounts to trial balance, debtors/creditors, award interpretation, client and employee liaison, documenting policies and procedures, accounting for withholding tax, implementing new payroll and accounting systems, superannuation, workers compensation and staff supervision.

Salary expectation: $25 to $30 per hour
Availability: Mid January 2008 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s Northside or CBD

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate D – Accountant

Software Experience: SunSystems, Sybiz and Vision

This candidate has worked overseas as an accountant during the past four years.  They have a Bachelor of Arts degree Majoring in Accounting,Financial Management and Economics. In their most recent role they worked in the insurance industry where they progressed from an accounting graduate role to an accountant role. Their responsibilities included preparation of financial statements, financial analysis, production and analysis of operational and divisional reporting, tax compliance, preparation of budgets and supervising the Assistant Accountant.

Salary expectation:  $50K plus superannuation
Availability: Two weeks
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or inner Western suburbs

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate E – Bookkeeper

Software Experience: MYOB and IFS

This candidate completed their Advanced Diploma in Accounting in 2006. In their current role their responsibilities include accounting for Work In Progress and all aspects of accounts receivable. Previously they worked for sixteen years as business manager for a wholesale supplier. During this time they were responsible for the day-to-day running of the business including all bookkeeping and financial matters. They are seeking a new challenge role in a bookkeeping role.

Salary expectation: $48K plus superannuation
Availability: Two weeks 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s Northside

Consultant to contact: Robyn Turner


Candidate F– Office Manager/PA

Software Experience: Microsoft Office

This candidate has excellent presentation and a confident manner. They have extensive experience in administration, reception and secretarial work.  Working as a recruitment consultant for more than ten years has provided them with excellent communication skills. Having relocated to Brisbane from Sydney, they have been working in a temporary position however would like the stability of permanent full time work.

Salary expectation: $40K to $45K plus superannuation
Availability: Immediate 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s South or Westside

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate G – Accounts Officer

Software Experience: Compaq and Co-star

This candidate has a Master of Professional Accounting from Griffith University, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (from overseas). They are also currently studying the CPA program. Recently they have been working for a company which services the mining industry and they are now seeking a role which will provide a greater challenge.  Their experience includes reconciliations, preparation of periodic journals, preparation of monthly management/financial reports, bank reconciliations, asset register maintenance, BAS preparation and staff supervision.

Salary expectation: $45K plus superannuation
Availability: Four weeks 
Preferred work location: Gold Coast or Brisbane’s CBD

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate H – Receptionist

Software Experience: Basic MYOB and Microsoft Office

This candidate is currently employed as a corporate receptionist/client services officer for a property development company.  They are seeking a new and challenging role in which to further develop their skills. Their experience includes reception, electronic and hard copy filing, purchasing, organising meetings, assisting with accounts tasks and customer service. They are a quick learner and are highly motivated to gain further skills and experience.  They are computer literate and have a highly professional manner.

Salary expectation:  $35K to $36K plus superannuation
Availability: One week
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate I – Part-time Accounts/Admin Officer

Software Experience: Chris payroll, Lotus Notes, Finance 1 and Microsoft Office

For the past thirteen years this candidate has worked for several organisations as an accounts clerk, admin officer and payroll officer. The industries they have worked in have included the not-for-profit sector, banking/finance, accounting and media. Their experience includes accounts, travel bookings, staff training, reconciliations, database maintenance, preparation of management reports, accounts payable, end of month account reconciliation, payroll and office administration. 

Salary expectation: $20 to $25 per hour plus superannuation
Availability: Two weeks 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or Northside

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric

Candidate J – Assistant Accountant

Software Experience: Quickbooks, MYOB, Sybiz and Attache

This candidate has an Economics (Finance) Degree and a Graduate Diploma of Business (Accountancy).  They have recently relocated from Adelaide and are looking for an assistant accountant position. They have experience working as a finance officer within the health industry and as an assistant accountant at for a not-for-profit organisation. They are currently studying towards their CPA.

Salary expectation: $45K plus superannuation
Availability: Immediate 
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or Northside

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate K – Part-time Accountant

Software Experience: Sage and SunSystems

This candidate has fifteen years experience in both commerce and public practice within Australia and overseas.  They have recently returned to Australia and are currently seeking a part-time accounting/bookkeeping position. They have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Modern Languages and are also qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Their experience includes internal and external auditing, preparation of monthly financial accounting reports.

Salary expectation: $35 to $40 per hour
Availability: Immediate  
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or Northside

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


Candidate L – Junior Administration Assistant

Software Experience: Microsoft Office

This junior candidate has successfully completed their secondary education and have also completed a business administration traineeship. They have experience at a trainee and work-experience level in data entry, reception, typing, filing, photocopying and general office tasks.  They have a friendly personality, excellent presentation, outstanding people skills and are extremely keen to find a role where they can contribute to the success of the team.

Salary expectation: $20K to $23K plus superannuation
Availability:  Immediate
Preferred work location: Brisbane’s CBD or Western suburbs

Consultant to contact: Sue Loncaric


The above hotlist is just a brief sample of the professional staff who are registered with us, seeking suitable employment opportunities.  Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements?


Enquiries: please call (07) 3876 1200 or simply reply to this email.

Level 10, Toowong Tower, 9 Sherwood Rd.

Toowong 4066

Ph: 3876 1200




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