VIC Mglians Gathering

Mongolian Independence Day Festival in December 

Hi.  11 sariin 26-nd 17 tsagaas Richmond-d Citizen Park (Richmond Oval) VICTORIA mujiin Mongolchuud tsuglarna.  

Flinder-s  48, 75 dugaartai Tram-d suuj, 18 buudald buugaad, zuun gar tiish Church street-eer 50 metr yavna.     

Asuuh zyil garval

0401351759 utsaar Batjargal,

0434250845 mandakhbat-tai yariarai. Batja and Mandakhbat


List of 41 individuals or a group of Mongolians

end durdagdaagui Mongolchuud olon baigaa baih. ted bugd welcome shuu!

The University of Melbourne , Monash University , Victoria University

Swinburne University , La Trobe University , RMIT, Deakin University

High Schools, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Kindergartens and Child care centers



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