Mongolia-Australia Society

Odoogoor ene web-nees oldson Grant scheme-n 2, Family School-n 1 emailuud ajillahgui baigaa! Ter uyed ajillaj baisan humuus ni odoo baihaa bolison baih. Update hiigdeegui udsan web baina.

Шинээр хийгдсэн эсвэл хийгдэж буй вэб хуудасных нь хаягийг мэдэх хүмүүс нь доор оруулна уу.


Mongolian-Australian Society

Mongolian-Australian Society was established in 1995 as a voluntary and non-government organization whose purpose is to carry out “people’s diplomacy”.

Mission of the Society
It is to “consolidate friendly relations between the two countries and expand cooperation”.

Objectives of the Society:
· To exchange information about the two countries’ nature and landscape, national history, culture, development, livelihood and social system and to carry out regular introductory activities among people;
· To make contacts with Government and non-government organizations of Australia and mediate cooperation of our country’s related organizations with them;
· To organize humanitarian activities and cooperate with other organizations in this field;
· To make its own contribution in student exchange programs.

Current activities run by the Society:
· The Society has been running all level English training courses and Mongolian language training for English speaking foreigners at its training center “Temuulel”.
· It has a center to give assistance and provide information to Australian citizens who have come either officially or privately in Mongolia.
· It also regularly runs a center to give advice to those who want to study in Australia.

Donor organizations
· Australian Embassy in Beijing, People’s Republic of China;
· AusAID;

Partner organizations
Foreign partner organizations:
· Australian-Mongolian Friendship Society in Melbourn, Australia;
· Australian Volunteer Organization;
Domestic partner organizations:
· Mongolian Women’s Association;
· Mongolian Farmer College;
· Geology Institute;
· “CMC” Credit Union /savings and credit cooperative/.

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