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Hi all Mongolian students in OZ! Are you in your final year? Have you heard about Graduate Programs of well-known companies like Australian major banks, IBM, HP, Microsoft and the rest? Not only IT graduates, but also many other students in nursing, accounting or the rest could land in a job right before they graduate. Go to any job search website’s Graduate section.

Search for the entry level opportunities. Information about specific graduate opportunities will be available in February and August.

Scott Brown Brooke Cowper Michael Redfern
‘The opportunities are simply amazing. I am truly excited to see where my IT career can go with Suncorp behind me along the way’ ‘The program has enabled me to enhance my technical skills and given me exposure to the great business leaders at Suncorp’ ‘The values held within the organisation assist in creating an environment which has allowed me to strive to meet my goals.’
Scott Brown
IT Graduate
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Brooke Cowper
Business Banking Graduate
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Michael Redfern
Marketing Graduate
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My Story

Scott Brown

I applied for the Suncorp I.T Graduate program while in my final year of study at university. I did so because while I thought (and still think) I have a good idea about where I would like my I.T career to take me, anyone in the field will know that I.T has so many different facets that it is hard to know what is out there, let alone which path you want to take. The idea of four six month rotations through the four different I.T departments within Suncorp seemed like the perfect choice from someone in my position.

I’m just about to finish my first rotation with the Graduate Program, and haven’t looked back since I started. The work has been exactly what I was after, and started from day one, challenging with the perfect amount of support. I have been made to feel apart of an amazing team of people and really do feel that I am contributing to something bigger. The opportunities available while on the Graduate Program and after are simply amazing. I truly am excited to see where my I.T career can go with Suncorp behind me along the way.

Scott Brown
IT Graduate


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