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Монголчууд хүүхдээ Австралийн сургуульд үнэгүй сургачих сонирхолтой байдаг. Зарим муж нь гадаадын иргэдийн хүүхдээс сургуульд сургалтын төлбөр авдагийг ихэнх Монголчууд туулаад, даваад л гарах гэж хичээдэг. Тэгвэл танд сонголт бий гэвэл итгэх үү.

Зарим муж тэтгэлэгтэй гадаадын оюутны сургуулийн насны хүүхдүүдийг үнэгүй сургахыг зөвшөөрдөг тул та таних мэдэх сувгууд, ойр дотныхоныхоо компаниар тэтгэлэг зөвшөөрүүлээд, тэр тэтгэлэгийн баримтандаа үндэслэн доорх захианы загвараас санаа авч Боловсролын яаманд нь захиа хүргүүлэх хэрэгтэй. Доорх захиа нь хүүхдүүдээ авчрахаасаа өмнө асуудлыг шийдвэрлэсэн бол бусад олон монголчууд үүнд үндэслэн хүүхэдтэйгээ ирсэн хойноо хүүхдүүдийнхээ сургуулийн асуудлыг амжилттай шийдвэрлэж чадсан ажээ.

Here it comes …

To: The Minister for Education


Address of Ministry



Dear Ms Anna Bligh,

This year I have been awarded the Scholarship grant of Master’s study program from the XXX and now I am studying at XXX University. I will study here for almost 2 years including the English Language course.

For your reference, I am a XX years old man, married and have XX children. When I was in Mongolia I heard about the regulation of enrolment for foreign students in Australian schools and I have been informed that I have to pay about $XXX for education of my XX children. Additionally, I need to pay roughly $XXX for their air tickets and another extra $XXX for annual living cost. For me it is impossible to pay myself the additional $XXX per year since my salary in Mongolia is about $X per month.

However, after a month of study I have realised that it is very difficult to live without my family and children for 2 years. In addition, I am always concerned about the safety of my wife since she is living with my 3 children without my support. In this case, some times it is very difficult for me to concentrate on my study. As a result, recently I have decided to bring my family to join me. Also, I would like my children to study in the XXX Schools since these are the nearest schools in our town. I have contacted Ms XXX, Principal of XXX School, and Ms XXX, Officer from Education Queensland International regarding my children’s enrolment to these schools.

Ms XXX explained to me that in certain circumstances children of scholarship students from a developing country could study without any tuition fee on condition that the Minister for Education permits it. Therefore, I kindly ask you to allow my children to study without tuition fee considering that I am studying on scholarship and I do not have enough financial ability to cover this cost. I hope that you can understand my situation and could assist me to continue my study with less worry and concern.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification regarding my children’s study in Australia. I am ready to provide any document or proof concerning my study in Australia. I appreciate your soonest response.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Address: xxx

Tel: xxx

Email: xxx


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