Student Success Stories

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GGN: I think most of of the young professionals, who could think outside of the box, usually want to be their own bosses and build their empire in their interested fields. We encourage this sort of attitude of Mongolian youths


Paige Duckling Paige Duckling

More success stories

Catherine Brooks Double Law and Arts Degree (BLAA), 2002 – 2007
The Alan Missen Foundation Essay Prize, “Counter-Terrorism Law”, 2007
Article Clerkship, Holding Redlich: March 2008
Jamie Bastas Bachelor of Business – Computer System Management (Honours), 2007
Certificate IV in Information Technology, 2000
Diploma in Information Technology, 2001
Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd (Ford), IT co-op student, 2005
Ford Graduate Program, IT Systems Analyst, 2007
Peter Averill Lecturer, 1986 –
Program Manager, VU Computer Systems and Electronics, 1998
Cisco Systems Outstanding Instructor Award, 2004
Gary Pert Associate Diploma, Recreation, 1983 – 1985
General Manager Austereo Radio Station, 2002 – 2006
Managing Director, GTV Nine and Collingwood Football Club Board Member 2006 – 2007
CEO, Collingwood Football Club, 2007 –
Steven Palombo Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management), 1997
Marketing Project Officer, Melbourne Airport, 1998
Marketing Business Manager, Melbourne Airport, 2007
Campbell Rose Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education), 1986
Honorary Degree for Sport Achievements in the West, 2005
CEO, Western Bulldogs Football Club, 2007 –
Meagan Daffey Bachelor of Communications – Public Relations, 2002
Communications Consultant, Village Roadshow, 2005 –
Rachael Stanley Bachelor of Communications/Public Relations, 2002
Socom Public Relations (PR) – Public Relations Consultant, 2002-04
Dreamworld – PR and Communications Executive, 2005-07
Melbourne Tigers – Media and Communications Manager, 2007 –
Telmo Languiller Bachelor of Arts, 1987
Assistant to Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Brian Howe, 1993-96
State M for Sunshine and Derrimut, 1999 –
Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier on Multicultural Affairs, 2006 –
Brian King Head, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing, 1998 –
Consultant: World Tourism Organisation, United Nations, AUSAID
Making VU Project Manager, 2007 –
Lia Pa apa a Bachelor of Education, Indigenous Schools Officer and Lecturer, Victoria University, Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue, 2006
Ben Sweeney VET Certificate II and IV in Sport and Recreation, 2001
Diploma of Sport and Recreation (Golf), 2005
Student – Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science/ Golf), 2006
Jacqueline Black VET Certificate II in Hairdressing, Nail Technology and Make-up, 2005
VET Certificate III in Beauty Services, 2006
Diploma of Beauty Therapy, 2007
Rebecca Clark VET Certificates II and III in Community Services, 2005 – 2006
Student, Bachelor of Education (Primary), 2007
Mark Van Den Oever VCE VET Certificates I and III in Engineering, 2004-05
National Highest Achieving Manufacturing Student prize, 2006
Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Vocational Education, 2006
Student, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering/Business, 2007
Rhianna Bridgett VCE VET Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations), 2006
Student, Certificate IV in Hospitality (Supervision), 2007
Amanullah Maung Than Oo PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2007
Amelia La Rosa Certificates II and III in Hairdressing, 2004
Tammy Lobato Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – Community Development. Now a member of Victorian State Parliament
Brett Gordon Graduated with a Masters of Applied Science in Exercise Rehabilitation and now working with people recovering from heart and lung disease and children with chronic fatigue
Carolina Gonzalez Graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science – Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2002
Telstra Young Businesswoman of the Year in 2004
Mahesh Prakash PhD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, 2000
Research Scientist at CSIRO working on movie special effects
Geraldine Quinlan Bachelor of Business – Management/Marketing
Business Development Manager at VicRoads International
Victoria Borg Bachelor of Arts and PhD graduate. Now a research officer at Victoria University
Sandra Schipano Best student, Bachelor of Communications – Public Relations (2002). Now a VU Student Recruitment Officer
Catherine Ng Victoria University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) Student of the Year (1999). Now a Melbourne City councillor
Arthur Christopoulos Final-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia
Nikki Rydon Student, Diploma in Small Companies and Community Theatre
Lisa Pekez Completing a Bachelor of Business in Information Systems, also working as a Client Support Assistant
Paige Duckling Completed a TAFE Diploma of Entertainment (Make-up), and now has her own business as a freelance make-up artist working in fashion, television and events
Scott Taylor VU graduate, runs physical education programs for children with disabilities
Nick Sautner Event Operations Manager, Telstra Dome. Graduate: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration; Bachelor of Business Management
Elleni Bereded-Samuel VU graduate, current student in education, and community partnerships officer
Scott Bingley Bachelor of Business Information Systems graduate, now studying honours and working in IT support in the School of Accounting and Finance
Thu-Huong Nguyen VU graduate and lecturer in Tourism Management
Marco Man Completed an Advanced Diploma in Business – Legal Practice, now working in a legal practice
Jo Ann Andres Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate, winner of 2004 Victorian National Care Award
Ben Collins VU graduate in Professional Writing and Editing, now a writer at AFL Publishing/Geoff Slattery Publishing
Ingrid Savell Completed the Certificate III in Beauty at VU and in 2005 was named VU Trainee of the Year
Michael Edwardson Lectures in Marketing, and manages his own corporate and consumer psychological consultancy
Mark Junkovic Working in IT and studying a TAFE Advanced Diploma in Computing Systems
Julie Morsillo PhD student in social action by youth, and teacher in Community Development and Community Psychology
Endre Che-Kahn Graduate, Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
Carolyn Anderson Completed a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation and in 2005 won the Outstanding Student Award in the School of Human Services, Science and Technology
Phillip Deery Historian, winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s citation for teaching (2000) and Vice-Chancellor’s medal for research (2002)
Kevin Baker Victoria’s 2006 ‘Outstanding Student of the Year – Apprentice’, working as an Electrotechnician at Holden
Richard Lodge Graduate, Bachelor of Business Hotel Management, and now runs and owns a restaurant

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