English Study Books

Below Intermediate: http://gegeen.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/best-english-courses/

For above Intermediate: Cambridge IELTS books

Other learners are suggesting:
Based on my experience:

1. 101 Helpful hints for IELTS (latest)
2. Barron’s How to prepare for the TOEFL (edition before 1996)
3. Insights into IELTS (latest)
4. More is coming ..

1. English grammar in use.
2. Vocabulary in use
3. Interchange 1-3
4. Headway 1-3



You think
– “language is something hard to learn”
– “the best learner is born with talent and it’s NOT you”
– “i’m hopeless at memorising”
– “you will never have enough time to learn language”
– … all those negatives?

Then RETHINK! How come you could speak Mongolian then.
How did you learn? The same basic thing applies when you learn English.

Now look from the different angle:
– “Mongolian language is more difficult to learn than English”
– “You could speak Mongolian, so you could learn any language”
– Scientific research says if the word is repeated 15-17 times, you’ll never forget that word again. The best english learners are bad enough with uncommon words, too
– “You don’t need to have much time. Up to 1 hour a day is enough”

REMEMBER the Golden Rule: 1 hour a day

If you think Learning English is like punishment then it’s only YOU.
People usually ENJOY doing things that make them learn.

See some examples:
25 min – Just change the TV channel to foreign shows or movies in English for about a half an hour a day
10 min – Memorise some English song lyrics.
5 min – Read children book with easy words for your little bro/sis or for yourself
5 min – Call or meet some English speakers or your friends with English skills and speak only in English for a few min
10 min – Chat, email to someone in English. Surf through the Internet, search in English, read what you found interesting in Enlgish
5 min – Learn 2 new words, put them into sentences and practice these words whenever you’ve got a chance to use


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