Beginning life in OZ

What DIMIA suggests you to be grounded:

Australian Skilled Migrant
The Australian Skilled Migrant Job Seeker web site. Use this site to register your interest in job opportunities available in Australia under the Skilled Migration scheme. The site can be used by migrant jobseekers who have been assigned a Working Visa by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, have been skills assessed, and identified as being able to work in a “skills in demand” area within the Australian workforce.
Beginning a Life in Australia – Multicultural language booklets
Booklets on beginning a life in Australia are available in the following languages: albanian, arabic, burmese, croatian, indonesian, persian, farsi, serbian, spanish, turkish, amharic, bosnian, chinese, dari, khmer, cambodian, russian, somali, tagalog, filipino, vietnamese, thai, korean.…/booklets.htm
Buying a Home In Australia – A Guide For New Arrivals PDF
A brief outline of Australia’s foreign investment policy in relation to residential real estate.…/Buying_a_Home.pdf
Choose Your Language – Health information kit for new arrivals
This page links to a welcome kit for new arrivals to Australia that has information about Australia’s main health programs, including Medicare. The kit is translated into 16 community languages and has useful information for everyone, even if they have lived in Australia for some time.…/choose_your_language.htm
Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)
The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is a non-statutory body that advises the Government on foreign investment policy and its administration. The Board examines proposals by foreign interests to undertake direct investment in Australia and makes recommendations to the Government on whether those proposals are suitable for approval under the Government’s policy.
Have you recently moved to Australia to settle?
Centrelink page consists of links to information about payments and services for migrants and refugees. These links include services for employment, language services, financial advice and education.…/settle_index.htm
Help with English
Department of Immigration and Citizenship page with information for people who need help understanding the English Language.…/help-with-english
Settle in Australia
Department of Immigration and Citizenship index page linking to information to assist migrants settling into Australia. Includes a list of seven important things that you should do after arriving in Australia; places you can contact for help with settlement and practical information for your life in Australia including: education, family life, health, housing, law, recreation, transport and work.…/settle-in-australia
We Speak Your Language
Provides access to Centrelink publications in other languages for people who find it easier to read these documents in their first language.…/index.htm

NOTE: If you’re coming to Australia from overseas there are some agents, who can make your arrival and settling in period a much less stressful occasion by taking care of all the important stuff, so you can just get on with the move.

What will Meet and Greet deliver?

  • Personal contact and support prior to your arrival
  • A friendly face to pick you up at the airport, International or domestic airport.
  • A range of refreshments for your car journey
  • Transport to pre arranged accommodation
  • Unlimited advice and support for the duration of your meet and greet
  • Information package which includes a wide range of useful information for new arrivals
  • Perth Street Directory map book

After your arrival if you wish, our additional services are there to make life easier for you.
Additional services can include:

  • Tour or your area
  • Local shopping centre
  • Medical centre
  • Schools
  • No Fee Currency Transfers
    A simple, cost effective and stress free way to transfer your money
  • Banking / Financial services
  • Housing – rental/purchasing
  • Transport systems
  • Taxation office
  • Obtaining Medicare card – Government health system
  • Car hire/purchasing
  • Mobile phone arranged for arrival including $30 of credit

Who will use this service?

  • International students
  • New migrants
  • Australian company sponsors
  • Business Delegates
  • Tourists
  • Interstate transfers

How much does it cost?The base cost for The Oz Life Meet & Greet service as outlined above is $250.00. The total cost is dependent on the chosen accommodation and availability. On submission of your application we will respond with an exact quotation. Apply online now!


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