Cheaper than Mongolia

In Sydney

Shopping center on Queen St, Auburn NSW (map from

– Beef: from 1.99aud p/kg

-Lamb mince: from 4.49 p/kg

-Potato: 3.98aud for 10kg

-Carrot: from 49cent p/kg

-Onion: 5aud for 10kg

-Vegetable oil: 34aud for 20ltr

-Sunflower oil: 38aud for 20ltr

-10aud call cards: from 8aud

* Fruits – 2 to 5 times cheaper than grocery stores

– Grape: from 49cents p/kg

-Apple: from 49cents p/kg

-Banana: from 1.99aud p/kg

-.. more

In all states

Go to the China town or Fruit and vegetable market

-Meat avg.5aud p/kg (vs 6-8aud p/kg from shops)

-Clothing and household items – the same price as in Mongolia

* Admirable market of second hand used items and furniture.

You’ll get a real bargain

Ask locals for the nearest market or check


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