Сидней дэх Монголын Өргөмжит Консул


Click forlarger mapLocation:
Level 3, 44 Miller St
North Sydney
NSW 2060

Mail: All mail should be sent to: PO Box 1731 North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone and Fax: Phone: 02-99661922; Fax: 02-99661922; Mobile: 0412-584084.

If the office is unattended, please leave us a message so we can return the call. Where possible please send an email message.

Email: monconoz@yahoo.com

Visa enquiries:

Visa Applications

Visa Categories

Visa issue for Mongolia is managed by the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs through the Office of Immigration, Naturalisation and Foreign Citizens (OINFC). Visa issue outside Mongolia is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Embassies, Consulates and some Honorary Consulates.

The Honorary Consulate-General is authorised to issue single-entry 30-day entry-exit visas for Tourists (J), Business (B), Transit (T) and Official visitors (A).

Long-stay visa categories, such as for employees (HG), for working with NGOs (O), long-stay family of those working in Mongolia (H) and long-term students (S) must be arranged in advance with the OINFC. The Consulate-General in Sydney can assist in how to contact the OINFC to make arrangements for these visa categories.

Download Forms

Single Entry Visa Application (16k)

Mulitple Entry Visa Application (16K)

The visa applications are provided as PDF Files. Right Click to Save Target As


Issued By Category Code  
in Sydney
Tourist J Enables you to travel freely in Mongolia for up to 30 days.
  Transit T For train travellers only. You cannot leave the train on a transit visa except the Ulaanbaatar station area when passing through.
  Business B For travel to Mongolia on business.
  Official A Visitors travelling on an official passport.
OINFC in Ulaanbaatar Work HG Long-stay employees working in Mongolia
  Family H Personal Visitors (generally immediate family of someone on HG (work) visa
  Work 0 Long-stay workers in NGOs or international humanitarian organizations



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